not sure yet

So I’ve been having lots of things happen since my last entry, I’ve moved several times and now live in Saint paul Minnesota . I have a wonderful Girl whom takes my breath away daily. 🙂 I love her soo very much. she’s an angel, but she said she’s not. She’s beautiful. I tell her this daily. It’s become an Almost daily argument of (me) “your beautiful” (her) “no I’m not” it’s made me smile everytime. But it’s a constant battle. I can’t wait to be your husband darling. I’d be so idk honored, grateful? Those don’t seem to be strong enough.


So, I have no idea what’s going on,  my heart is like trying to tell me a bunch of stuff but, the only thing I know,  is that love you.  No words can describe the feelings I have for you when you’re in my arms(or hell even if you aren’t with me my heart still does flips.) Just talking with you is enough make my heart flutter.  :=) I am so glad you’re mine.  I am so in love with you.  I can’t do anything enough to show you my love for you. If only you could see yourself through my eyes would you begin to understand the love I have for you,  the feeling that I have,  and the way you make my better just with simple words. I want so many things for you like your dreams to come true, but the biggest one I want for you,  I want you happy, your happiness is what I care about,  your dreams and everything else,  I care about those to,  but if you’re not happy then whats the point of the rest?  your happy I can live with that,  I can do anything  as long as your happy, I just don’t want to see you hurt or in pain. I will always be here,  right next to you.  I will be your forever and you’ll be my always.